SECON has experienced staff in all phases of substance abuse management and has developed a full range of services under one roof that will address all of your program needs. All services provided by the company will be in accordance with all state and federal requirements governing drug and alcohol abuse.

Alcohol Testing

Alcohol testing is an added tool for employers and companies to ensure that their workforce is safe and alcohol-free. It is also required, under certain circumstances, for regulated companies. These tests can be conducted either using Evidential Breath Testing devices (EBT), or by screening only devices utilizing saliva. In both cases, results are available within minutes, providing you the decision-making information you need.

Criminal Justice

Substance abuse testing is a necessary and valuable tool for court based programs. The object of testing is two-fold: Detection and Deterrence. The latter plays the most important role in an effective program. However, while the technology has improved, testing must still be conducted correctly.

The use of qualified laboratories and personnel is essential for providing fast, accurate and defensible results. If you choose for SECON to perform the testing, once the laboratory receives the samples, the appropriate personnel inspect the sample containers for signs of tampering and match the information on the sample container with the proper chain of custody. If the sample does not meet the established criteria, it is recorded as unacceptable and is not processed.

Properly processed samples are then submitted for testing. The testing is conducted in two phases: Screening and Confirmation. The screening test is used to detect the presence of a drug or its metabolites. Any sample identified as suspect positive on the initial screen can be confirmed automatically or on an "as requested" basis by GC/MS. All positive samples will be retained for a number of days specified by the drug court.

Workplace Testing

Substance abuse testing is a valuable tool for employers to reduce the effects of substance abuse in the workplace. The objective of testing is twofold: Detection and Deterrence. The later plays the most important role in an effective program. While technology has improved, testing must be conducted correctly.

From a legal standpoint if your drug testing program is challenged, use of a certified laboratory places your company in a much more legally defensible position. It shows a strong commitment on the part of the employer to provide a sound program.

Testing for drugs of abuse is a two-step procedure of Screening and Confirmation. The screening test is used to detect the presence of a drug or its metabolites. All samples identified, as suspect positive on the initial screen will automatically be confirmed using GC/MS (gas chromatography/mass spectrometry) procedure.

Education & Training

A key to both the deterrence and the detection of workplace substance abuse is the development of a comprehensive company policy/program. The development of the policy is the most important part of the overall program, the training programs attached to this policy assist in communicating the contents and also, to inform the workforce of the effects and consequences of controlled substance use on personal health, safety, and the work environment. Education and Training of employees is key to workplace substance abuse programs.

SECON has developed several training and education courses, which cover necessary areas in substance abuse education, testing and program administration. All training programs have instructor courses which allow for company representatives or local hires to become proficient in the training material, class set-up, instruction, testing and Q&A. Education and Training Courses:

Employee Drug Education
Supervisory Education (DOT)
Specimen Collection Certification
Breath Alcohol Training (BAT)
Evidential Breath Testing (EBT) devices

Internet Reporting

Confidentiality regarding employee drug and or alcohol test results is the employers' responsibility. Turnaround time of results should not override this important issue of confidentiality. SECON has designed several options of reporting which offer our client's fast, accurate and secure methods of receiving drug test results.

SECON's Internet Program Management provides instant secure results retrievable from anywhere in the world. creates a secure system for your drug screening information that can be used to track past screens and produce several useful management reports (Drug and Alcohol results, monthly, quarterly, & annual statistics).

Random Selection

Random selection is performed easily and securely by submitting your employee pool to SECON via e-mail or file. SECON will generate the selections for that period, in compliance with your company or federal requirement. When it is time to perform the next selection service, you will be contacted by SECON to provide an updated employee listing, and the process repeats.

Medical Review Officer

SECON has formed alliances with several certified MROs who combine professionalism with state-of-the-art computer applications to deliver timely, quality results. MROs have a complete understanding of substance abuse disorders, chain of custody, collection, laboratory analysis and client requirements. All MROs are certified by The American Association of Medical Review Officers (AAMRO).

The Medical Review Officer (MRO) is a licensed physician knowledgeable in the medical use of prescription drugs and the pharmacology and toxicology of illicit drugs. The MRO will review and interpret positive test results and will examine any alternative medical explanations for the results. The MRO also reviews the chain of custody documentation to ensure that the integrity of the specimen is maintained throughout the entire process.

On-Site Collections

All collectors must undergo rigorous training and testing programs that ensure that collection standards not only meet Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) requirements, but also far exceed them. Company officials have testified before congressional committees, state and civil service hearings, and are recognized by the courts as experts in sample collections.

SECON teams have provided collection services for a varied client base since 1982 and have collected over 1,000,000 specimens during this period. Operating out of three facilities in Lafayette, LA, New Orleans, LA, and Houma, LA, we are capable of providing our this service worldwide.

Sample Collections

The process of ensuring and providing documentation of proper specimen identification and handling of the sample from collection to final results is the function of the chain of custody. Many programs treat the chain of custody as an additional item. With SECON it is guaranteed. Keep in mind that the sample collection process is normally the first contact that employees will have with the drug testing process. It is imperative that the collection be done with the utmost care, assuring the privacy and dignity of the employee while providing the proper sample for the needs of the employer.

SECON assures the proper collection procedures through several steps beginning with the development of proper collection protocol. Adhering to all established guidelines is the minimum that each collection site must follow during the collection process.

Once the sample has been collected, properly sealed and labeled, collection site personnel will arrange to ship the samples to the drug testing laboratory. All shipping supplies and air bills will be provided to each collection site.

Policy Development

There are three main elements of an effective written policy: a clearly stated objective or reason for why the program is being implemented, a description of behaviors that are not permitted, and consequences for violations of the policy. Employers should also ensure that every employee/applicant receives a copy of the policy, and signs an acknowledgement to that effect.

SECON has the capacity to custom design a policy for your company, ensuring that the policy meets all state and federal guidelines.

International Drug Screening

SECON , a long-time leading Administrator for company Substance Abuse Testing Programs, is pleased to now offer its services to companies around the globe. Through strategic partnerships with the world’s leading collection and laboratory providers, including the Alere group of companies, SECON is now able to provide to its clients a true one source for all international drug screening requirements.

SECON Global Services
The one true International source of urine, hair, and oral fluid screening.